About Us

Lace Bralette for Small Busts

EmpoweredCo is a woman-owned and ethically manufactured lifestyle brand that seeks to create beautiful lingerie that is specifically tailored for women with small chests - a population that we feel is sorely underserved. 

At EmpoweredCo, we fully understand the pain that is felt when trying on lingerie that does not look and feel the way that it should. Lingerie should make a person feel empowered, confident and sexy. We are in the endless pursuit of serving the itty bitty (or perfect bitty, as we like to call it) community because no one should have to compromise on how they look and feel. 

Creating this company in pursuit of our passion has been quite the ride! After many months of trial and error, we want to highlight our successes as well as our challenges with you.  Please join us and follow us on our journey via our newsletter or by following us on Instagram @shopempoweredco

In addition to sharing our journey with you, we have finally launched and are ready to share our beautiful pieces with you as well. The name Empowered Cups is woven into each meticulously crafted lingerie piece that we create. We want women to feel powerful and beautiful in our lingerie and it is truly our hope and our mission that you will feel beautiful, sexy, and empowered in each of them.