About Us

Lace Bralette for Small Busts

We started this company to create beautiful lingerie for women with small chests, because we felt it was a population of women that was sorely underserved. 

We understood the pain of trying on lingerie that does not look the way we want it to. Lingerie should make you feel empowered, confident and sexy. Seeing the issue, we realized it was something we had to make right for those of us in the itty bitty (or perfect bitty, as we like to call it) community. Because no one should have to compromise on how they look and feel in their lingerie.

We have finally launched and ready to share our beautiful pieces with you. We started with the name Empowered Cups for our lingerie line, and this is the name that will appear on the lingerie. We want women to feel powerful and beautiful in our pieces.

Starting this company for this group of women we feel so passionately about has been quite the ride! Reinventing lingerie takes so much trial and error -- we want to highlight not only our successes, but our challenges too. We hope you'll join us and follow our journey via our newsletter (click on the "Sign Up Now" button) or on Instagram (@shopempoweredco).