Letter From The Founder

In May 2020, I removed my breast implants and surrounding scar capsule (also known as "explanting"). I first learned about Breast Implant Illness (BII) in March 2020 and realized that was exactly what had been plaguing me--I had 75% of the listed symptoms. In the 15 years I had my implants, I felt like I was slowly dying on the inside for the past 8 of them. After seeing multiple health professionals and changing my lifestyle, I was still at a loss as to why I always felt so terrible. I got breast implants in 2004 because I had two lumpectomies on my left breast, and the implants evened out the resulting asymmetry.

Post explant, I went through this beautiful journey of self-love and acceptance. I witnessed my body do incredible things--from surgical recovery, healing to achieving good health. It was and is still quite a ride. Despite having asymmetrical breasts, I absolutely love my body and my itty bitties. For me, each of my scars symbolize resilience and new beginnings.

As part of this new beginning, my search for the right bra, lingerie and clothing came next. Finding the right bra to accommodate a post-explant chest was difficult--breast implants push down on your breast tissue, so there is greater volume on the bottom and less volume on the top. To find something that fit correctly was a challenge. I would try on pretty pieces, only to find gapping or extra material flopping around. What I discovered was how I felt about my amazing body and what I was seeing in the mirror were mismatched--I wanted what I was wearing to match how incredible and perfect I felt my new body was.

Like you, I was frustrated. No one ought to feel insecure or wish to change their body when they wear lingerie. Lingerie should make you feel confident and sexy-- like the glorious goddess you are.

For all my small-busted sisters, this is for you. You deserve to feel sexy and have pretty little things fit too. Our pledge is to provide you with beautiful pieces that provide the right fit for your bust, and accentuate the perfect body you already have.

Thanks for following along in our journey as we launch pieces that spark joy and create magic, with just the right fit.