Hero Spotlight: Amy Marie "Overcoming Negative Thoughts"

We're honored to post our first Hero Spotlight under our "Women Who Inspire" series--Amy Marie. We hope this post resonates and inspires you like it did for us.

1. What is a big challenge you had in the past and what did you do to overcome it? 
          I think the biggest challenge was overcoming negative thoughts about myself. Starting at a young age, I remember not feeling comfortable or confident with myself. My petite size, stature (I’m a little under 5 feet) and old fashioned views kept me feeling small and insecure. Being a young wife and mother, it was hard to find time for myself. Because of my size, It was difficult to find clothing and sexy lingerie that fit. There were so many things that added to my limiting beliefs and things I thought about myself. Through working on myself, Energy Medicine and pole dancing, I’ve worked hard to successfully break through that. I stumbled upon Energy Medicine and began taking courses. It’s given me techniques to help balance my energies, the ability to help others and the chance to meet lifelong friends. I’m currently in my third year and am now a Certified Energy Medicine Practitioner. The other huge thing to help me along in this journey has been pole dancing. This type of exercise and dancing has given me the blessings of seeing myself as strong and confident. I’ve become physically stronger and empowered in more ways than one and I love it.  With the combination of Energy Medicine, pole dance and other internal work on myself, I have uncovered what other people always told me they saw in me. I now see myself for who I really am—a strong, confident, woman, wife, mother and friend.
2. How do you see yourself today? Has it changed from when you were younger?
         Today I see a strong, intelligent, beautiful woman. I see grace and love. I help myself and others with good energy by showing up with my absolute best every day. When I was younger I was too timid and didn’t believe in myself, so I gave up easily on a lot of things. I no longer do that. My body constantly shows me it can do things I never imagined. My mentality about myself and what I can do has completely changed. I feel and know that I’m sexy, intelligent and see the goddess in me emerging.
3. If you could, what advice would you give to your younger self? 
I would tell my younger self don’t be afraid of the unknown. There will be challenging times but speak to yourself with love and care. Don’t stay stagnant in your life—move forward. It’s ok to feel a little awkward. Nothing will be perfect the first time but keep working at it. With all things, practice will make everything better and easier. What’s meant to be will be. Take chances and show up! This journey will  bring love, opportunity, blessings and wonderful amazing people into your world. You are meant to be seen and love fully. Let your light shine through and don’t let anyone dim your light.
4. What mantra/quote/word do you try to live by that has helped you on your journey?
Love unconditionally. Love brings understanding for yourself and others. Allow it to do all it can do and you will grow and flourish.
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