Why We Are Different

This section is all about you, our customer and hero, and the different things we are doing to serve you.

First, we are all about promoting self-love and body positivity. This won't be the place that tells you what your body should look like or what you should change to look your best. Here at Empowered Cups, we love and accept you as you are. We care about women in a holistic way.

Second, we started Empowered Cups because we didn't agree with the industry as it was--all we saw were beautiful models with augmented bodies promoting various brands of lingerie. How could everyday women compare themselves to these "perfect" women? We can't, nor should we. There is not just one standard for beauty. All women are beautiful, exactly where they are, in all shapes and sizes. This is why we use regular women to model our lingerie and we won't photoshop or edit our images either.

Third, did you know Victoria's Secret was started by a man? This really blew our minds. Our first thought was, how could a man understand the intricacies of what a woman wants and get how she wants to feel in lingerie? We decided it was time for a change. We want to bring more positivity, love and acceptance to our community: women post-explant, women whose breasts may have changed during their lives for any reason (breast-feeding, lumpectomies, etc.) and to my fierce ladies in the itty bitty club. Like you, we were frustrated with having to shop for things in the juniors department as adult women. No one should have to wear lingerie that flops on our chests to make us wonder if what we have is not enough--because we ARE enough. No one should have to compromise on how they look and feel in their lingerie. We recognize your desire to wear beautiful lingerie that enhances you, as you are. We have long been overlooked in the creation of lingerie that fits us and it's high time that changed.

What can you expect from us? Lingerie tailored for us small chested gals. Pretty pieces that make us feel feminine. Messages about body positivity, self-love and acceptance. We hope to inspire you like our community has inspired us--to be bold and beautiful, knowing that we are perfect and don't need to change a thing.

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