Having A Small Chest Changed My Life (For The Better)

Explanting made me fall in love with my small chest, and it's been the biggest blessing. Let me explain. My breast implants resulted in me getting Breast Implant Illness (BII). I got breast implants after my second lumpectomy and thought they would make me feel whole. I never actually felt comfortable when I had my breast implants. I could never relax during a massage. When I was on my stomach, despite having lots of tension in my neck and shoulders, deep tissue massages secretly worried me. Would my implants pop? Can anyone relate? Fast forward 16 years and countless health issues later (that neither I nor my health practitioners could resolve), I explanted. Did I have some asymmetry? Yes. Did I have to adjust to my new body? Yes. Did I learn to love and cherish my new, healthy body? Heck YES.

Having a small chest is not a limitation, nor does it mean there is anything wrong with you. We are all made in different shapes and forms, and someone somewhere made us think what we had was not enough. That is all garbage, plain and simple. So here's a post to remind you, from someone who's thought all those same thoughts, who now loves the body they are in. And at 43 years of age, I'm pretty frickin proud of that.

Let's list out the benefits of having a small chest, shall we?

1. Fashion Versatility

One of the greatest perks of having a smaller bust is the freedom it offers in clothing choices! My smaller chest has opened fashion doors I didn't know existed. With fewer restrictions on neckline styles, button-down shirts, plunging necklines, and strapless tops effortlessly flatter our bodies. Slip dresses, halter necks, and backless styles can all be worn and still look classy. 

2. Comfort and Convenience

A smaller chest often means less physical strain and discomfort, making everyday activities more comfortable. There's less bouncing and they don't get in the way of a good workout. I can now fully enjoy a deep tissue massage with no fears.

3. Body Positivity and Self-Acceptance

When you learn to love your small chest, you learn to apply that love to the rest of your amazing body. Which means...you learn to love yourself. Is that not the biggest gift you can give yourself? Imagine what life could be like if you stopped criticizing yourself and started to appreciate each part of it. How much more free time would you have? Turning those negative thoughts into positive ones would fuel more positive behavior. Forget about all the things society has taught us from ads and social media. Your body is perfect exactly as it is. It was never supposed to be just like someone else's. It's a snowflake. Perfectly unique and wonderful exactly as it is. 

It's time to redefine beauty on our own terms, don't you think?

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