Inching Towards Launch

Inching Towards Launch

It's been quite a year. We have finally gotten to the point where we will be receiving our updated bralette samples for final fit testing. The Jessica Lace Bodysuit, Cindy Thong and Wendy Panty fits have been finalized, but we are going through one more round of fit testing for the Amy Marie Bralette because it's so important for us to get the fits correct for this beautiful bralette.

We can't believe it'll be almost two years since we started on our Empowered Cups journey. Thank you for being patient as we get closer to launching. We are hoping to launch before Thanksgiving in early November, depending on how the manufacturing schedule looks. We cannot wait to share our pieces with our beloved Itty Bitty Community so you can see how perfect you already are.


Empowered Cups 

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