Getting Closer to Launch

Getting Closer to Launch

Hello Empowered Beauties!

It's been a challenging year. From COVID to manufacturing challenges, it's taken us this long to finally get to a place where we are finalizing the fits for our beautiful lingerie pieces. We received the fit samples several weeks ago and have been busy getting feedback from various members of the small chest community. It's been so fun seeing first impressions and getting honest feedback. The best part of all of this has been to see women finally see themselves as beautiful and perfect as they are, because they are wearing pieces that actually fit them. 

Thank you for being patient as we navigate the crazy world of manufacturing during these times. We are happy to say that we are back on track and working with a great manufacturer in Bali. We cannot wait to launch in in the next few months and get feedback from you!

We wanted to leave you with this beautiful response we got about the size samples from one of our fit testers who explanted a year ago: 

"When I saw your tagline "Unleash the Goddess Within" and tried on the bralette I started to tear up.

By the time I tried on the bodysuit emotion overcame me and I started crying. 
I wasn't prepared for the emotional reaction I would have. I realized that after over a year of my new boobs I finally felt beautiful. To be standing there looking at myself in the mirror and seeing how beautiful I looked in your lingerie . . .  my words can't truly express the feelings I'm having, and almost no amount of money could be enough for feeling so gorgeous. 


I don't remember ever feeling like my body was beautiful - either before or after getting the implants. To see myself in your lingerie was the best! The happiest I've ever felt about my body!! I truly didn't see that coming. <3 

Thank you for making me feel that at 64 with little boobs I can be beautiful."

We are so blessed to have such amazing women in our community!  We agree, when something fits you correctly, magic happens. 

We are working as hard and as fast as we can to make sure our first mini-launch fits our community well. Thank you for staying with us and for all your love and support.

Empowered Cups
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